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Maxicom is the leading designer and manufacturer of superior Utility Floor Boxes for more than thirty years. Only Maxicom has tens of thousands of boxes installed in convention centers, exhibit halls, ballrooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, and offices nationwide.

Standard Conventioneer™ and custom floor and wall box designs, including the first PVC design, are fabricated, finished, wired, and assembled in our 50,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. All of our products for which UL Standards exist are UL listed. Where no UL Standard exists our products are fabricated in accordance with quality standards set forth in UL Standards of similar application and appropriate NEC Codes.

Maxicom design services match any specification and code for power, data, communications, sound, lighting and scoreboard controls, air, water, gas, and drainage. Independent test reports verify the structural integrity of our stainless and galvanized steel, PVC, aluminum, brass, and iron casting boxes and lids.

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